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Welcome, and thank you for visiting SoulLift Sessions online. We hope that our website highlights the fellowship, growth, and learning opportunities for women that our sessions offer. We are focused on creating a tribe of women who live with intention and on purpose. Please enjoy browsing our site.

Our Mission


Do you ever feel frustrated that your life is not where it is supposed to be, or where you thought it would be? Do you ever feel stuck? Well, we completely understand.  We believe that each of us is born with talents, gifts, and desires that are individually special and unique. When we live in alignment with these natural gifts, we are more likely to be happy and fulfilled. However, when we live out of alignment with our desires, we may experience feelings of frustration, sadness, and sometimes despair. Our mission is to help you tackle these frustrations and get on track. After all, you are here for a reason!  Through our monthly sessions, we help women take steps to begin to live life on purpose. Will you join us?

Our Services


SoulLift Sessions are monthly group talks that dive into various topics that are common to all women. Examples include: how to find a career that fits, how to deal with stress, how to have work/life balance, and how to foster healthy romantic relationships.

Our Sessions


Our SoulLift sessions are held once a month on Sunday evenings from 4pm to 6pm at Decatur Healing Arts in Metro Atlanta. The sessions are free to attend.

We currently have sessions scheduled for the following dates:


May 17, 2015:​ Career Talk (Part I)

June 14, 2015: Career Talk (Part II)

July 19, 2015: Love & Relationships

October 25, 2015: Embracing Change


Sessions are free. We are happy to have you join us!


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Our Upcoming Session: Embracing Change

2015. This has been a year of change...rapid, unexpected change. Ever so often, a season hits that washes away many old constants, one after another. And you find yourself asking, "what is going on?" Most things you knew to be sturdy are gone. Things that were once comfortable are now uncomfortable. Friends, loves, jobs, health, etc. Everything has changed.

If this has been the case for you in 2015, you are not alone. We can confidently title 2015 the Year of Change.

Are you embracing the change, or has it stiflied you? Are you riding it out, or has it paralyzed you? WIll you conquer it, or has it conquered you?


Let's discuss!


Come join us! It's free!


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