Hi. I'm Shana.  Thank you for visiting SoulLift Sessions!


As a child, I had dreams and aspirations of what my life would look like when I became an adult. Now that I am an adult, sometimes I look around and ask myself, "Is this it?" In talking to other women, I've found that they are also asking the same question. 


Ladies, I get it. We are constantly juggling --juggling everything! Career. Family. Health. Friends. Romantic Relationships. Cooking. Laundry. Emails. Kids. Text Messages. Voicemails. Meetings. EVERYTHING!


But what about you? Are you taking some time to take care of YOU? So many of us share similar experiences of feeling burnt out and frustrated at times because we feel like robots -- completing one task after another, day after day. And in the process, we abandon our spirit. We do not take time to nurture who we are underneath the many hats that we wear. Perhaps some of us are even wearing hats that we don't want. 


I created SoulLIft sessions to give us a space to exhale, reconnect, and redirect. Let's get back in touch with who we really are!  Each session is designed to address a topic that is real and personal to women. And each session will inspire and focus on creating solutions that encourage balance, alignment, and happiness. 


So take a break and come give your soul some attention.



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