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2015. This has been a year of change...rapid, unexpected change. We are all used to normal changes, as most things in life are ever-changing. But ever so often, a season hits that washes away many old constants, one after another. And you find yourself asking, "what is going on?" Most things you knew to be sturdy are gone. Things that were once comfortable are now uncomfortable.  Friends, loves, jobs, health, etc. Everything has changed.


If this has been the case for you in 2015, you are not alone. We can confidently title 2015 the Year of Change.

Are you embracing the change, or has it stiflied you? Are you riding it out, or has it paralyzed you? WIll you conquer it, or has it conquered you?


In this SoulLift session, we will discuss how to embrace the changes that 2015 has brought to our lives. We will discuss stragtegies to keep WINNING when we feel like we are not.


The session will be guided by licensed psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy for Black Girls as she shares stragegies for dealing with seasons like these. 


I hope you will join us.


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